Found murdered in her apartment in Moscow a girl, a wedding which was to take place in early August, got along well with my fiance. This “Moskovsky Komsomolets” said neighbors of the deceased.

“we Went as two lovebirds,” he described the couple’s neighbors. According to them, they always went hand and sat on a bench in the courtyard, looking at each other with loving eyes.

the Young man from Moscow — the main suspect. After the death of a girl he does not communicate. According to neighbors, he never drank alcohol, was not registered in the mental hospital. The last three months the young people have lived together. August 8 they were to be married.

the Reason why the young man could have committed the murder, the neighbors see one of his “pereklinilo”. Cameras mounted in the stairwell of an apartment building, recorded the pair quarrel, which occurred on the eve of the girl’s death. The young man even hit his beloved, but she didn’t react and went home with him.

Earlier it was reported that evidence of the quarrel of young people recorded in their correspondence. The couple were constant conflicts in which the deceased was asked not to call and not to write to her, then forgave the young man and offered to start all over again.

on 21 July, the body of a battered 27-year-old bride found the groom’s mother. Since the woman’s death it took two days. Neighbors noted that the Muscovite was naked tied to the bed. The bloodstained body had multiple injuries in the head, torso and extremities. A criminal case under article “Murder”.