As have informed in regional Investigatory management SK the Russian Federation, the office initiated a preliminary examination on the fact of publication of online video on non-payment of allowances for assistants, went on a call to the patient coronavirus infection. In a video message to the President of the Russian Federation employees of the ambulance from the city of Nerekhta in Kostroma region complained that the Federal monetary incentives for work in the spread COVID-19 are not paid.

– now on this fact the investigative agencies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation across the Kostroma region conducted preliminary examination, the arguments of medical workers will be checked carefully, – have informed in SK.

In early April, doctors have promised to pay a premium for work in the spread of the coronavirus: 80 thousand doctors, 50 thousand paramedics and 25 thousand the younger. However, when it came to payouts, then many of them turned out to be less than promised because of additional payments to physicians accrued not for the fact of working in pandemic conditions, and calculated each on the basis of the number of days spent in contact with COVID-positive patients, the diagnosis of which is confirmed.

In the administration of the region was initially reported that the payment of 650 physicians in March and April, will send about eight million rubles, “depending on the hours actually worked by each employee time.” As a result, some doctors were 10-25 times less than the amounts they anticipated. So, a Supplement to the driver “fast” was established in the amount of 1700 rubles, the therapist – about 1000 rubles, paramedics ambulance – from 2.5 to 25 thousand. The doctors said that I consider this practice unfair and began to complain. After this, the authorities clarified that the accrual of incentive bonuses to physicians recalculated until the promised of a fixed amount.

– In accordance with the decree of the Government No. 484 doctors hospitals hospitals in Kostroma region will receive a fee of up to 80 thousand roubles, average medical staff – up to 50 thousand rubles, Junior medical staff – up to 25 thousand rubles. Employees of “ambulance” doctors to 50 thousand roubles, average medical staff and the drivers – up to 25 thousand roubles, – have explained in regional administration.

All of the presidential copayments in the region will be 329 people, in total they promised to pay 19.5 million rubles.