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– This is the highest rate of unemployment in Norway since 2. world war. The last week we have seen a doubling of the number of registered completely available. The main reason for this is a sharp increase in the number of permitteringer as a result of the measures taken to limit the spread of the koronaviruset, says the ministry of labour and velferdsdirektør Sigrun Vågeng.

In two weeks, Norway has gone from having 65.000 unemployed to 291.000. Since Tuesday 17. march has 142 000 were registered as unemployed, an increase of 95 per cent.

– the Development on the labour market in Norway the last two weeks, is without historic parallel, printer, Nav-the director, in a press release.

the Sum of all the available and job seekers on measures was 306 000 persons, or 10.9 per cent of the workforce, showing fresh figures from the Norwegian labour and Welfare service 24. march.

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– This applies to people’s lives, and especially young people who often do not manage to get back to work, ” says the confederation of Norwegian enterprise boss Ole Erik Almlid.

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The new figures underline the urgency for businesses and workers. The situation is especially severe for small and medium-sized businesses that now bleeds, ” Ole Erik Almlid, the confederation of Norwegian enterprise boss to NRK.

He says the unemployment rate can provide great stress for those affected – both economically and socially.

– Especially the young people who now are going out or just has gotten herself into in the workplace is exposed. When you first fall outside of that young, we know that it is harder to get into again. We are talking about a possible lost generation like we saw in Spain and Greece since the financial crisis, where many never have gotten herself into in the workplace.

– Continue the development we can see for ourselves a lost generation here in Norway, ” adds Almlid.

LO: – total black employment

– I’m very worried. I have never seen similar conditions in Norwegian working life. This is very serious, ” says the LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen in an e-mail to NRK.

I am very concerned. I have never seen similar conditions in Norwegian working life. This is very serious, ” says the LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen.

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According to LO-the leader confirms the numbers the union also hear from their officers and members.

– It is all black Norwegian working life now. I had never thought that we would experience something so severe, ” says Gabrielsen.

LO-leader points out that the cost of employees, businesses and the community is “enormous”.

– The only thing I think we can say for certain is that this is just the beginning. There will obviously be a need for more powerful interventions, ” says Gabrielsen.

He believes it is essential that the authorities continue to put into the massive and targeted measures to help the Norwegian workers and businesses.

– the Government has taken this seriously and delivered two krisepakker. It is good, but I fear that the cost is going to be much greater if we don’t use the big money right now.

the Most unemployed in the capital

in All of the counties have had a sharp increase in the number of completely available in the last week. In the county of Møre and Romsdal the increase was greatest (116 %), while it was least in Vestland (84 %).

the Unemployment rate is now the highest in Oslo. Almost 40.000 people have lost their jobs since the government notified korona-measures 10. march.

Nordland is the county with the lowest unemployment, with 8,6% of the labour force.

In the course of the weekend, it came into 37.900 new applications for unemployment benefits from Nav. 23.600 of the applications arrived on Friday, 6.600 on Saturday and 7.800 on Sunday, according to the Nav.

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for The past week, the increase in unemployment has been largest in – store and sales promotion, with 32.000 more all available with this yrkesbakgrunnen. It constitutes 19.4 percent of the workforce.

the Number of completely available in the tourism and transport have increased by a further 20,000 in the last week, and is now the occupational group with the highest unemployment rate of 25.2 percent of the labour force.

Teaching is, together with academic occupations, the occupational group with the lowest unemployment now with 2.5 per cent of the workforce.

These professions belong largely to the public sector, and thus has not been as hard hit by the measures against the spread of koronaviruset.

26 152 Number of sick with proven or suspected korona

113 New sick leave the last day

Last updated: 24. march County New per d.d Total Oslo 300 4655 Creek 435 6548 Rogaland 156 2799 Møre and Romsdal 51 827 Nordland 18 673 Inland 68 1268 Vestfold and Telemark 114 1938 Agder 85 1297 Vestland 143 3525 Trønderlag 104 1462 Troms and Finnmark 51 888 Unknown 0 129 Show per county

224 780 Submitted applications for unemployment benefits by permittering

175 New applications last day

Last updated: 24. march Counties New per week 13 Total Oslo 2 729 36 451 Viken 3 906 50 393 Rogaland 1 497 19 017 Møre and Romsdal 937 9 752 Nordland 688 8 088 Inland 1 102 13 968 Vestfold and Telemark 1 233 15 567 Agder 943 11 317 Vestland 1 811 26 063 Trønderlag 1 426 18 759 Troms and Finnmark 761 9 020 Unknown 1 110 6 385 Show per county More about koronaviruset OversiktSiste nyttSpørsmålNyhetsbrev