The study was commissioned by Switzerland tourism by the research Sotomo site developed and on Monday in Zurich, will be presented. The representative Online survey of 2000 people from Switzerland as well as the 800 from France, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands took part.

Switzerland tourism wanted to know, which image the people of the nature and working of – and of digital Stress on your attitude to the nature of the impact. Not surprisingly, the nature is above all a place of longing. The respondents would bring the nature with harmony and relaxation, in combination, is a conclusion of the study, but not with the austerity and renunciation of comfort. The least wished for a Return to an untamed and wild nature.

In the countries studied, the nature for emotional balance is very important. The strongest is the Nature of relatedness in Switzerland. In nature, nearly three-quarters of the Swiss could recover particularly well from pressure and Stress, the study authors write. The nature of standing as a resort still in front of your own home.

the pressure of The world of work and the ubiquity of Smartphones stress, especially the Germans and Swiss. The Swiss feel less stress-related illness. The reason is that the people in Switzerland lived very close to nature and in their very often moving, according to the study.

From the point of view of the respondents is the nature, especially, where the man finds relaxation. In everyday life the nature, mainly consists of forest, meadows and arable land, have been longing for the people, but according to waters, mountains, natural parks and Gentiles. The most satisfied with the surrounding nature, the Swiss were in the survey.

The respondents would like to be more nature in your area, too Much raw and wild nature should not be but, write the authors. Only a minority think the whole idea is pleasant, to spend the night in a tent in the outdoors, or even under the stars in the sky. A majority of respondents would miss, especially the shower, the warm water and the comfortable bed soon.

those Who move in nature, does so according to the study, usually without performance targets. Preferred activity to shut Down and Recover from the pressure of the power company is Hiking. The most important factors for a successful hike, nice weather and attractive landscapes. Is moved, preferably in tamed and comfortable nature, which is accessible with a good network of trails.

The wall of the kings among the five surveyed Nations, the Swiss are. It was only the more active walkers than elsewhere, but you would also have to March longer and more meters of altitude to overcome, the study authors write.

is not Appreciated when you stay in the nature, that is constantly accessible. A third of respondents switched off the mobile phone often or not take it at all. A large part of experiencing it as positive, if for a longer period of time, no reception. Bigger than the fear to miss something, the joy, the outside to be, that is the conclusion of the study authors.

Nevertheless, the mobile phone remains for most of the respondents a valued companion in nature. It is there for emergencies, for the orientation or for Shooting and Sharing photos.