The training mission in Iraq, which Denmark is scheduled to take over in the year, will continue to run – but on the back burner.

Nato holds firmly in its training mission in Iraq, which, however, for the time being, stepped down due to coronaviruses. The alliance will also examine whether it can further engage in the Middle east and in north Africa.

– the Mission will resume its duties as soon as the situation allows it, says secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg at a meeting with Nato foreign ministers.

the Nato Mission Iraq (NMI), to which Denmark is scheduled to take over the management of the later in the year, “maintains a presence in Baghdad and to continue its cooperation with iraqi institutions.”

After the meeting, confirms minister for foreign affairs the offer from Denmark, and he points out that Nato, despite coronakrisen must maintain its core functions of deterrence and crisis management.

– Denmark maintains, and, as I said also at the meeting, his offer to take over the leadership of the Nato mission in Iraq. The work continues unabated. It’s about the fight against Islamic State, says Jeppe Kofod (S).

the Alliance were discussed at the meeting on Thursday also, if you can throw over additional tasks in the Middle east and north Africa.

It provides, considers, Kofod, good sense. For it “is both about the iraqis ‘security’, but also ‘Europe’s and Denmark’s security”.

– We have big challenges in the region. Both with Iraq and the Islamic state. But terrorbevægelserne is in a belt of countries – also down in the Sahel.

– Here Denmark participates both in the UN and in the French-led counter-terrorist operation. It is important for Nato to play a role there in order to fight the roots, ” says Kofod.

Denmark has long provided a træningsbidrag in Iraq. It is done through the international coalition to combat Islamic State.

18. march of this year, announced the Defence that you would stop with your training package together and send the trænende soldiers home from the base al-Asad.

It came to pass after a period of time with the rocket attacks on the base. First was the mission, paused, then Iran attack in January. The attacks later continued.

Then took the spread of the coronavirus, and Iraq postponed the workout to focus on the containment of the virus.

the Defense in Denmark, then decided to set the training mission, while the rest of the Danish contribution to Operation Inherent Resolve should remain unchanged.

According to Stoltenberg maintains the NMI a workout in Iraq. But it is currently on the back burner.

Nato has had a training mission in Iraq since 2018. In an agreement with the UNITED states, Nato has offered to increase its presence. The work approved the foreign ministers, at its meeting on Thursday.

the Goal is that Nato should facilitate a part of burden on the UNITED states-led coalition, which has borne the heaviest part.