NATO General concerned

General andré Lanata, the head of allied command transformation, alarmed “the maneuvers of spacecraft of Russia and China” near the American satellites. Because of this West facing “danger in space,” said the General.

NATO can imagine many different ways to be aggressive in orbit, said Lanata. “Up to this point the space was safe, but now it’s not so,” he said. The General, apparently, was referring to the reports of some mass media about the Russian satellite, which supposedly follows us. Some military analysts and U.S. officials believe that Russia and China want to harm space objects of States and networks of GPS, says the Washington Examiner. As the Alliance can resist such “threats,” the General explained.

Lanata reminded that NATO has not and will not have space objects and that the West will have “to respond to threats themselves.” “NATO will not be responsible for the adoption of specific measures for the protection of certain national assets,” he warned.