Belarus does not calm down. On the streets of cities across the country there are people protesting against the violence of the authorities and convinced that the presidential elections had been rigged. Security forces continue rolling detention, which provoke new protests. Special correspondent of “Kommersant” Vladimir Solovyov believes that even if President Alexander Lukashenko today will decide the question of the street, calm his reign will be gone.Residents of Belarus who disagree with the results of the presidential elections, continue to take to the streets of Minsk and other cities of the country. If earlier people left in the evening and quite quickly began to disperse by the security forces, 12 August, stocks began the day. Around 11:00 in a small area before Komarovsky market (the main market of the city), several hundred dressed in all white women and girls. They came here with flowers and urged the security forces to stop the violence.— Yesterday I was in my home neighborhood Serebryanka, I saw six riot police got the man out of the car because he just honked and beat him in the most terrible movies,— told “Kommersant” a 29-year-old publicist Daria.— It’s not like the crackdown on protests is a genocide of civilians. My friends are in jail just for walking down the street in the wrong place.Mikrorayon Serebryanka, where the lives of Daria, on the night of August 12 has become the new hot spot. There was rattling explosions of stun grenades and shots — Belarusian riot police now, do not hesitate, apply special means and weapons. Skirmishes until late at night occurred in other parts of the city.Belarusian Telegram-channels for a night filled with new videos taken by witnesses from the balconies and in the streets, showing how mercilessly are the security forces. Under the batons and then into a paddy wagon can hit anyone of any age and gender.Security officials move around the city not only to slow the truck, but more maneuverable minibuses and cars. This is reminiscent of the hunt: the car brakes sharply, her passengers in balaclavas jump out, grab your victim, beaten and taken away. Often people dragged out from behind the wheel of your own car and also take away.Bright vests with an inscription “Press” that are covering the stock journalists, not only can not save reporters from the violence by the riot police, and as if attracted to their cruelty. The video hit dozens of cases of beatings. Even now made to take away from photographers and videographers stick with the pictures they took materials.According to official figures, throughout the country arrested about six thousand people. But this figure cannot be relied upon. She’s fickle and constantly increasing. A separate subject — search of the detainees. Under the high walls of the infamous detention center in Akrestsin street on duty hundreds of people, hoping to learn something about their missingtheir relatives. But almost no one can.— My daughter was detained August 9 — election day at the polling station. She waited there of the protocols of voting,— says Irina.— Rode the bus with riot police, stood. Then they jumped out, seized the people and drove away. All we know is that she was given six days. The sentence is showed and where is she all this time — is unknown.The court determines the period of arrest, he’s in prison. Dark dark green paddy from time to time out of the gate gray columns three to seven cars and carry people to places of punishment. Whom and where sent, the relatives have no reports.In addition to paddy, to the detention center from time to time enter the ambulance — they take away those who are particularly badly hit during the arrest. On duty around the people surround the ambulance, to find out the names of those whom they were taken. Doctors in such cases are going to meet: they either throw the piece of data, or misleading name and age, slightly opening a window. After that, the path the carriage is released.Security officials, apparently, have freedom to decide whom and how to punish. Alexander Lukashenko declared Belarusian Central election Commission the winner of the presidential elections, also makes it clear that to stand on ceremony with them is not necessary. “The basis of all these so-called protesters — people with criminal records and unemployed today. No work means, “walk uncle through the streets and avenues”. So I’m asking you nicely and I warn you all: to get a job for those who are not working,” he said during Wednesday meeting on the protection of the constitutional order.But something in the rhetoric of Mr. Lukashenko in recent days has changed. If before election day, he accused some forces in Russia of meddling in internal Affairs, but now he is confident that the instability it sows the West, and even called a particular country — Poland, UK and Czech Republic.In the European Union on overkill already reacted and continue to react. The 27 EU countries have called the elections not free and fair. And on 14 August the situation in Belarus the foreign Ministers of the EU countries. An informed diplomatic source “b” in Brussels is convinced that it will end the sanctions. According to him, there is a common understanding that “the elections were totally rigged”. “Lukashenko for the first time in his career lost the election. He will no longer rule as before”,— said the interlocutor of Kommersant.Political commentator, journalist of the channel “Belsat” Igor Ilyashev believes that the improvement of Belarus’s relations with the West in the past now and is unlikely to rise as long as power Alexander Lukashenko. “The thaw will be gone. The fact that the streets of Minsk, the blood was shed, and the fact that it was done spectacularly and eerily says that hthere is no turning back. No real politician will not detract from standards and values that underpin the West,” said Mr.’ilhas, “b”, adding that the President of Belarus is now doomed to become an outcast.