In certain, in particular, architecture-interested parties will be laughed at the old building of the national Museum in Zurich and often – of the style, in which it is built. Historicism, the architectural extravagance that was from about 1850 until the First world war, in the fashion called. In it various ingredients are in Swiss Bircher muesli together. A bit medieval, a bit Renaissance, a bit of Baroque, a beautiful, but also somewhat mixed mesh Whole castle together.

This also applies to the design of the interior spaces – only this is like a tour prior to the opening of the West wing shows a stroke of luck: There is probably no other building in Switzerland, in which you can complete on foot, a journey through the Best of what it has to offer, the Swiss architectural history before the Modern. This is due to the fact that the state Museum had already designed the building in 1894 so that all the historically important areas of the Swiss monasteries, but also private rooms dismantled, and in the country, the Museum had to be installed. They were now, since 2016, restored and in cooperation with the monument preservation in the construction of the original condition.

Back to the origin, in the Modern

This means that specialist companies had to approximately replicate the floor tiles, wall paintings restoration, or ornately carved beams and railings, which are stored in the collection, again professionally installed. “The idea of the restoration was to reconstruct the rooms as in the original construction were designed to present the collection in a modern way,” says exhibition curator Luca Tori.

Still, approximately 15 workers are feverishly on the completion of an exclusive press guide shows but that one could linger for hours in the unfinished exhibition. It begins with the Gaze of the 500-year-old Täfers in the oetenbach rooms, once the private chamber of the prioress of the long demolished monastery of Oetenbach. Or walking through the Empire, with carvings decorated the room of Pestalozzi, to land finally – after a number of other architecturally interesting rooms in the ornate Baroque hall of the Zurich family hole man.

The extinct, mighty Zurich sex has resulted in many officers. In the ceremonial room of the family portraits of the main players in the thirty years ‘ war are gathering. By means of interactive iPads, visitors can learn the stories behind the portraits – and know immediately about past intrigues, love Affairs, scandals, and Intrigues of the better European society around the year 1630 the first to know. A sort of “Game of Thrones” in real.

the last Movers and Shakers of Switzerland are everywhere present, each, of all donates from about 1588 to 1617, outrageously expensive Rathausen stained-glass window for the Lucerne convent and hopes to secure a place in heaven. After all: A little piece of immortality, you have acquired actually: your window and the immortalized family gang of the national Museum are the coat of arms now since 1898 in the cross.

The restoration of the national Museum

Since the fall of 2016 to work around 85 companies with approximately 280 artisans, in close cooperation with the monument preservation at the great restoration of the West wing. Currently, the tower and the East wing are still under renovation, with completion in 2020, then completed a 20-year planning phase, and the state Museum shines in new splendor. The restoration of the East-, West -, and wing of the courtyard and the tower engulfed a Budget of 95 million Swiss francs.

mythical creatures and fabulous drugs

Almost even more interesting than the space, and the associated persons of the exhibition objects but seem. How incredibly rich, Switzerland was in your story and your craft, how rich the mythology, Faith and superstition, opens up only when you have all the treasures from centuries prior to the eyes. Often the Unexpected is evident in the Small: of monsters and mythical creatures spread about in a very artfully-crafted ceramic fireplace tiles, their fangs and claws, and refer you to an innovative ceramic industry of the past, as well as a long in urtümlichem Nature-based, Christian faith structure.

Similar mythological creatures are to be found also on some of the most interesting treasures of the national Museum – for example, on the well-known, large St. Gallen globe, in addition to the cartographic and astronomical knowledge of the 16. Century, is also painted with all sorts of sea monsters rich. Who in the face of this Monster of the horror packs, and who therefore developed a gout, which is also suspended in the room next door: There, in the ancient pharmacy of the 18th century. Century recommends that a virtual monk all sorts of formulations, Powders and tinctures, to be immediately strengthened to continue to walk.

What relates to innovative industry, is Switzerland in various sectors of the front. As every child knows, this is, of course, watches and chocolate, the national Museum, the associated rooms are to be found new in the tower. Less known, but with a wide international reach of the Swiss textile industry. In addition to the Baroque costumes with ornate embroidery and brocade fabrics, sumptuous fabrics for the Haute Couture, which are still produced in Switzerland are to be found. Go to all of them, of course, also a space.

weapons come from 2020 in the hall of fame

boys (and some adult)heart beat in the national Museum in particular, but in a room higher: in the weapons collection. Up to now, the tower is located, will be sought after several of the countless suits of armor, swords, lances, daggers, Hatchets, and what is the martial heart, starting in January 2020 in the renovated hall of fame to.

The most beautiful of these weapons, but you can see already from next Friday on the upper floor. They were used purely for representation purposes: In the 16th century. Century, it belonged in a better evening societies, for example, to present a dagger in a very ornate sheath. The finest goldsmith’s key to show work scenes from the legends of ancient Greece – they wanted to make not only his wealth, but also a certain sophistication to the Look.

Finally, it is to say, in view of the long-awaited re-opening of the West wing: a Bircher muesli is a traditional Swiss and worldwide known Institution. And in this case everything is set up, with very many premium ingredients attached.

11. October can be visited the exhibition in the West wing again.