He has only slept for four hours. This by-pass in the Emmental left him last night no rest. Because he did not feel sufficiently informed, he studied the documents of the Greens, and the Assembly of delegates. And now that he looks through, he is not satisfied. “That only encourages car traffic. A Joke!”

wormwood is 18 years old and the opposite of a SWOT. He does not fit in the staid Bern rose garden, where we meet him. With its hydrogen-blond hair and round glasses, he looks more like an urban Hipster than a Boy from the rural Utzenstorf BE. Killed Buffaloes he is not around but. Finally, he wants for the young Greens in the national Council.

In the Canton of Bern, the party takes with its own list. Wermuth, place 10, is a backbencher with zero opportunities. But The Climate Of Young People. “This mix is for the media to be a Highlight,” he says and grins. “I am a bearer of hope for the Green.”

Fukushima as a drive

Not a single one of the six climate demos he has missed. In August, he even marched in Lausanne with Greta, as he tells of pride. Influenced, however, somewhat different: Fukushima, 2011 it. “I remembered later about how bad that was.” The meltdown of the Japanese nuclear power plant and his political legacy are today drive. He has municipal Council from the Grandfather, an old SP. The twin sister and the mother, however, died the father – “I go with my topics and sometimes on the nerves”.

topics such as: net-Zero-CO2-emissions until 2030. And marriage for all. “I want to be able to get married,” he says now seriously.

Wermuth is gay. Last year he had his Coming-out. The reactions were negative. So much So that he had to stop with the floorball at a country club. “The faggot-the spells were just too much.” Similarly, in the school, where he makes his commercial training. “The society, homosexuals are not accepted still.”

and for the climate young people, he wants to be in the national Council, he says. “Even if I have to sell media for a little bit.”