Singer Natasha Koroleva told that the neighbor of the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk in Krekshino. She said that they’re friends with the star of “My fair nanny”.

the TV channel NTV, the singer spoke about how he feels Zavorotnyuk, who was diagnosed with glioblastoma.

“Thank God, they say, there’s good news and Nastya is on the mend. We wish her good health,” – said the Queen.

Earlier, the chief researcher of the Institute of molecular biology Russian Academy of Sciences Pyotr Chumakov told that the family Zavorotnyuk decided to postpone its experimental therapy of glioblastoma with the virus.

reports of disease Actresses appeared in August 2019. A row of mass media wrote that she had brain cancer. The relatives for a long time did not give any comments. However, they eventually confirmed that the actress was diagnosed with glioblastoma.

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