recently, Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov marked the fifth anniversary of her son Artem. Children’s birthday coincided with another date: ten years ago, Natalia and Vladimir became husband and wife.

the couple decided not to draw attention to your person, so the festival was held exclusively in children’s format. But the “newlyweds” of course congratulated each other with a tin wedding, and in an interview WomanHit Natalia told about her impressions of family life.

“of Course, in the beginning of the relationship we had stages ointments, scandals, quarrels and slamming doors. But even then, in the beginning of the communication, we have rules,” says the singer. According to Natalia, the rules are fairly simple, but effective. Spouses do not let yourself disrespectful tone against each other, trying not to raise my voice, even when discussing problems, and in their family are not allowed to throw the handset. “Volodya, I was taught that when a couple of times my phone off for a day after I hung up. The more I did. It’s very effective,” says Natalia.

the singer Also calls herself a lucky woman because you feel absolute freedom in the relationship with her husband. Quarantined spouses do not have the opportunity to go on dates with each other — so they call their spontaneous outputs in a movie or a restaurant. But the lack of such secular life, according to Natalia, it does not bother. Natalia and Vladimir fell in love with a quiet life outside the city and how busy the artists, suddenly discovered the simple pleasures like home cooking or watching TV series.