Natalia Ionova

Border service of Ukraine has issued the 34-year-old Natalia Ionova three-year ban on entry into the country. On Thursday, August 6, border guards gave the Russian singer questioning in Kiev airport “Borispol”, where she came from Belarus. Subsequently, a video of her interview with them appeared in the network.

the Website of the State border service of Ukraine reported that “a foreigner was constantly confused in the answers.” Border guard officers asked her questions about the Crimea, which became part of the Russian Federation after the referendum in 2014. They wanted to know when she last was in Crimea and it refers to the fact of joining of Crimea to Russia.

Natalia Ionova

Video of the border of Ukraine is mounted so that the saying of the singer of belonging of the Crimea is cut off on the phrase, “well, Crimea was Ukrainian…”. Judging by the tone, Natalia continued her thought, but when mounting her words cut off.

I do not belong to it, for me to have the opportunity to come to Ukraine is much more important — as said Natalia.

According to Russian media, from Belarus to Ukraine, she arrived with personal goals. The footage leaked shows that to implement his plan failed: the Ukrainian border service has banned her entry for three years.