Columnist Tariq Malik in an article for the portal He said that NASA experts decided to cancel the launch of the Space Launch System (SLS) heavy launch vehicle. The agency explained this by the fact that it was not possible to eliminate the hydrogen leak.

The author of the article stressed that on Saturday, September 3, NASA canceled the launch attempt for the second time.

According to him, 7 hours before the launch of the rocket, NASA engineers discovered a severe fuel leak. They made three attempts to deal with it.

In particular, they tried to heat the tank connector and then cool it with cold fuel. Then they increased the pressure in the tank with helium. But all their efforts did not lead to anything, Tariq Malik notes.

The observer clarified that the next attempt will be possible only on Monday, September 5. Specialists will have to take all necessary measures to eliminate the leak before the next launch attempt.

Thousands of people gathered on the coast to watch the rocket launch, but their expectations were not met, PBS reports.

The publication stressed that the Artemis 1 project is several years behind schedule, despite the fact that the budget has been exceeded by billions of dollars.