Engineers at the jet propulsion laboratory of the National space Agency created a device of artificial ventilation of lungs quick production for the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

They used their experience in space vehicles for development of artificial lung ventilation apparatus. The device is called VITAL (Ventilator Intervention Technology).

It is ready for quick implementation into production and quickly made, while easier to maintain, because it consists of less number of parts, many of which are available to potential suppliers through the existing supply chain. Its flexible design enables the modification for use in field hospitals and other large facilities around the world.

But this device has quite limited resource. Such a device can be called “disposable” because, after three or four months of operation it crashes.

But the value of the development is invaluable in the sense that the device can fill the gap when not enough of the ventilator, and the care of patients with severe COVID-19 vital immediately. “Permission for emergency use allows you to use the device specifically for patients COVID-19 to meet the urgent need to ventilators during a pandemic coronavirus,” reports NASA. According to the Commissioner, FDA Steven Khan development will increase the availability of these vital medical devices.

the Device has already been approved by management on control over foodstuff and medicines (FDA) for use. Moreover, as reported by NASA, the firms that will undertake the production of the new respirator, will receive a license free of charge. The device has passed a critical test in Medical school Icahn in new York.