For the capital’s teachers, students and their parents on the City methodology centre has prepared interactive science quiz. Test your knowledge or learn something new members can online at the section “Competitions”. View results will be immediately after the task execution.

to Determine the amount of drawdown of the marine passenger liner, to try to find the heaviest load with minimal number of weighings, figure out which geometric figure according to the laws of physics the most stable, participants will be able to learn “Mathematics, engineering and materials.”

quiz Questions “Nanotechnology” will help to learn more about this scientific field. The execution time of tasks is unlimited. The quiz can take part all comers.

the participants of the game “Satellite communication” learn about the history of satellite systems. In addition, participants will be able to understand the principle of operation of satellite communication and find out what advantages it has compared to other ways of information transfer.

Participants of the quiz “Medical genetics” to learn how to depend on the disease from a genetic predisposition and environmental conditions what are the methods of diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders.

Test your knowledge on the latest medical advances, like 3D printing human organs and the use of artificial intelligence in medicine, can be in the game “Modern medical technologies”.

the participants of the quiz of Applied ecology learn about the problems of environment, how human activities affect nature, about alternative energy sources, non-waste technologies and environmentally safe fuel.

the Issues of intellectual game “Modern biotechnology” dedicated to the development of genetic engineering, cloning and the prospects for the use of microbial protein.