Fox Nation’s special ‘Marrying a Murderer” shares stories about women who married convicted murderers

Love is unlimited – even if Killer is behind bars.

Fox Nation host, and former prosecutor Nancy Grace, explores why women in America fall for criminals in a new special ” Marrying A Murderer.”

Grace lists the following at the beginning of the episode: Ted Bundy and Charles Manson, Menendez brothers, Chris Watts, and Ted Bundy. “They all found love while locked up.”

Sheila Isenberg is the author of “Women Who love Men Who Kill” and says that most women believe one or more of these things: their husband is innocent, they have mitigating circumstances, he has changed, or religion saved them.

“Women do not go to prison to fall in love with murderers because they want to save them.” Grace is told by Isenberg that they want to save their own lives. “They don’t love bad guys because they don’t believe he’s bad.”

Jeffrey “Tattoo”, Gonzales was found guilty in killing his ex-husband Cathy Gonzales. Cathy believes he is her “lighthouse”, and she calls him her “soulmate”.

“Have there ever been someone you felt like you could trust to save you from yourself?” Cathy questions. “He led me back to the place I needed to be.”

Cathy, a mother to two young girls believes Jeffrey is innocent.

“Yes, he is facing a murder charge. Cathy disagrees.

She also said that Jeffrey is her father and she wrote letters to him and visited him sometimes behind bars.

“My oldest daughter, is very, extremely responsive. Cathy explains that she calls him Dad. My baby, she’s a little different. She came to visit. He knows it from her actions and how she speaks to him.

Isenberg states that acceptance by others is a coping mechanism for women who are in love with murderers in prison.

“I was thinking to myself: What planet is this girl living on that loves and respects the murderous man she’s about to marry?” In the Fox Nation special, Isenberg said it. It’s not something I believe in. It’s part delusion, I believe.

Crystal Tiedjen, another woman, fell in love with the man who killed her brother.

Johnny was an airhead and that is why he ended up in jail. The house was stocked with drugs. He turned himself in. They didn’t pursue him. Crystal says that he turned himself in.”

Isenberg insists, “It’s exactly the same thing.” “She had to forgive him in order to fall in love with him and make him fit her profile as a man who was safe.”

You can find out if these locked-up love stories end in happiness by watching ” Marrying A Murderer: A Nancy Grace Investigation“, which is exclusively available on Fox Nation.