General Director of “Delta security” Andrew Tsybakov told how to protect your home from burglars during the holiday season.

According to the expert, “the burglar” foraged most actively in may and August, when the Russians made trips on vacation. Analysts believe that in August this year, the number of burglaries and attempts may increase five to seven percent.

To prevent the burglars to enter the apartment, the residents of the lower floors is recommended to protect the Windows with bars.

During his long absence it is better to ask family or friends to periodically go to the apartment, to turn on a light to empty the mailbox — from the criminals this will create the illusion of the presence of the owners home, so they hardly dare to climb to the apartment.

You should not share information about the upcoming departure in social networks, to keep in front of the door packing from expensive purchases.

The most effective method of protection from “burglar” is the installation of an alarm system, Tsybakov told RIA Novosti.

Previously, Russians were told how to behave, if you got into the apartment the robbers.