Positive option the unfolding situation will require States to mutual assistance and joint efforts.

UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, pointed out that he sees only two possible options for the development of the global situation after the aggravation of political conflicts in a number of countries and also among States.

According to the Secretary General, considerably aggravated during this period the problem of inequality will affect the further development, which, in his understanding, can go in line with either the optimistic or the pessimistic scenario.

In an article for Aftonbladet Guterres, indicates that the positive path is only possible with successful joint overcoming States of the world a difficult period, developing an effective recovery plan and the sharing of efforts for assistance to countries in need.

For its implementation a significant step would be the development of a vaccine from COVID-19 in the next nine months. If all these conditions the normal state of society and economy will be achieved through two-three years.

The pessimistic scenario will lead to a five to seven-year depression, during which each state’s own forces and resources trying to defeat the epidemic and deal with its consequences, periodically not coping with the task.

In this scenario, there will be new outbreaks, and the rehabilitation of economy will be delayed for many years.