The lightning in person can be fatal, but there are ways to avoid the tragedy. For this we need to be in the right place, said in an interview with radio Sputnik honoured rescuer of Russia Sergey Schetinin.

A summer thunderstorm is incredibly beautiful, but also dangerous. They are the cause of many forest fires, but scary is not just that. Sergey Schetinin reminds us that lightning can be lethal to resting on human nature. According to him, if the storm caught in nature, it is necessary to follow simple rules of safety.

"we Have to take cover in the nearest building. For this approach to capital construction. If you still remain in nature, it is not necessary to hide under a freestanding tree. If you are in a field, it is necessary to find some plain or ravine. We will have to sit down close by his head in his hands. If you have any iron objects, they must as far as you can tilt" – told radio Sputnik honoured rescuer.

Also a good shelter from the thunder and lightning can be a car. Sergey Schetinin assured that, despite the metal body, the car will protect from a lightning strike.

"If the storm caught you in the car, it is not necessary to leave the car. It is necessary to ensure that your car was not in the affected area has worked loose structures, billboards and so on. The machine itself is a pretty good dielectric (insulator – ed.). Its tires make it likely to avoid being struck by lightning. If the machine does not have the big radio antennas, the chance to survive a fairly large", – said the lifeguard in an interview with radio Sputnik.