against the background of a global pandemic coronavirus and the inability of European countries to unite in the face of a common threat, the most vulnerable currency in advanced economies is becoming the Euro. About it reports Bloomberg.

With the beginning of the year the Euro fell by 3.5 percent against the dollar. Market participants believe that over time the currency will continue to weaken.

for Example, to support Italy developed a short term plan for the 540 billion euros but long-term recovery program countries to negotiate still failed. The current situation causes concern in the foreign exchange market.

Deputy Prime Minister Spain Pablo Iglesias warned that the EU may be on the verge of collapse. He said that between the countries there is no consensus about financial assistance to citizens affected by the COVID-19.

as the most stable currency in the period of the pandemic, that they were the national currency of Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Countries managed better than others to cope with an outbreak of the coronavirus. Now investors actively invest in stocks and bonds of local issuers issued in the Australian and new Zealand dollar and the Korean won.