In Russia, a high salary is mainly professionals receive six industries. In the first place – “Fishing and aquaculture”, where almost a third of employees with the salary above 100 thousand rubles per month.

these Are the findings of a study commissioned by RIA Novosti. It is noted that the high wages in the fishery are part of the compensation, as fishing is carried out in difficult conditions in the open sea, away from home. In second place – financial activities. In this industry, at 27.3% of the employees are highly paid. Third on the list was mining.

Also the highest paid are IT, communication and mass communication, professional and technical activities, as well as the field of science. Experts note that the share of employees with a salary above 100 thousand rubles per month in the six industries-leaders indicate that high salaries can obtain not only the big bosses but also very good professionals, and sometimes even ordinary workers.

Earlier, experts have compiled a list of the highest paid labor in the “distance” in Russia. According to the Internet portal “”, the first in this ranking are chief accountants. To earn well without going to the office can translators from English. A decent salary and work remotely is also offered to sales professionals and the IT-sphere.