Expert Council of the Russian Union of consumers “Roskontrol” conducted a study of chocolate-milk paste popular brands. In testing was attended by brands “Tikli”, Nutti, Bonte, “Charlize” Lucky Days and “Carousel.” The cost ranged from 170 to 760 rubles per kilogram. Copies of test reports are at the disposal of edition”.ru”.

As it turned out, consisting of half the samples was of cocoa powder, then chocolate these pastes can not be called. I paste a “Carousel” experts revealed a very pronounced smell and taste of the flavoring. In the samples of “Tikli”, Bonte, “Carousel”, “Charlize” and Lucky Days the content level of TRANS fatty acids were quite high. “Moreover, this value is not characteristic of natural vegetable oils that are stated in the composition, therefore, probably used in the production of modified vegetable oils not specified in the marking,” concluded in “Roskontrol”.

following the results of check samples Nutti, Bonte and “Carousel” are added to the blacklist, because they have no components indicated on the package.

At the end of may Roskontrol announced the result of testing of apples “Red delicious”. According to the results of all tests to buy recommended apples that are bought in stores Eurospar, Metro, “Azbuka Vkusa”, “Crossroads”.