But those who are engaged in logistics consulting, chemical and fuel industry, metallurgy can feel relatively calm. About it write “news” with reference to information of the Ministry of labor.

Now the total number of expected employee termination costs amounts to 0.4% of the working people, told in the Ministry. Given that employment in the country employs 54.3 million people, there are about 217 thousand workers.

However, it is worth considering that under the planned redundancies are not the only citizens who lose their jobs in connection with staff reduction or liquidation of positions, but also employees who find themselves under the so-called technical reduction. This means that, in connection with the renaming division or Department of its employees laid off, but then take a job in a Department with a new name. In other words, this is purely a formal dismissal.

In the Ministry stress that the risk of layoffs was four times more people – 1.6% of all workers. But a significant number of them fall under the technical reduction. Now, according to the Agency, the Russian labor market is gradually emerging from the crisis caused by the epidemic of the coronavirus. In July, the number of employed for the first time since the start of the pandemic exceeded the number of laid off people.

But at the same time, the employment services at the beginning of August were 3.3 million registered unemployed (last year their number amounted to only 0.7 million people). Over 40% of citizens who have decided to become officially unemployed to this anywhere else self-employed not worked or they have long breaks at work.

As the rector of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Alexander Safonov, information about the planned cuts serves only big business but medium and small – no. “And that small businesses suffer more from the crisis and are often forced to cut staff. According to rough estimates, at risk of dismissal are about an additional 500 thousand people”, – said Safonov.

Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Fedor Prokopov adds that many companies prefer to leave with the employees by agreement of the parties. “By law you need to notify the employee for two months to transfer severance to four months to pay the average salary, if he doesn’t find a new place. By agreement of the parties, as a rule, a severance pay and two salaries, and the termination date is usually a week or two,” reminded Fyodor Prokopov. There are also many cases when the employee is forced to write the resignation at own will, threatening to fire under. Such case, the official statistics do not fall, said uhXpert.

To pre-crisis levels of unemployment, the authorities expect to return to the end of 2021. By this time the number of registered at the labor exchange citizens should be reduced to 0.7 million.