So – today announced that on August 27, the Day of Russian cinema, Sony Pictures will launch in a new film by Alexei Uchitel “Choi”. The main role in the film about the fatal collision that occurred 30 years ago and which claimed the life of an idol, about which repeatedly wrote “RG”, played by Yevgeny Tsyganov, Paulina Andreeva, Maryana Spivak, Igor Vernik, Hope Kalganova, Inga Trail, Arturs Skrastins, illa Del and Vitaly Kovalenko.

Alexei Uchitel, in connection with the news of the release of the film to the viewer, recalls: “I was personally acquainted with Viktor Tsoi, a lot filmed him, talked with his closest aides. Value associated memories, appreciate his human qualities and I admire the strength of his talent, which many years later penetrates into the minds and hearts of people of different generations. Despite the current pandemic situation and the related risks and complexity, I think it’s important to release the film “Choi” in August as a tribute to musician”.

the production Company, Sony Pictures resembles a synopsis of the work: “Pavel Shelest was the right man. Disliked sharp turns. Always tried to do as expected. But he was not lucky. 15 August 1990, on a hot highway Sloka-Talsi in his bus crashed “Moskvich” Viktor Tsoi. The idol of millions died at the scene. Paul knew nothing about the music, not listening to his songs. He also didn’t know that after that fatal collision, his life will never be the same…”