Named regions with the Moscow salaries

March is considered high season for job searching, the number of vacancies traditionally increases. Including a growing number of available jobs with high salary. And – not only in Moscow.

Photo: RIA Novosti the Number of vacancies to work on a rotational basis, up 19 percent

So, today, jobs with a salary of 150-200 thousand roubles in Samara, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-don, Irkutsk, Krasnodar and other cities. The ranking of jobs with the highest salaries Mar the portal (there is a “RG”).

So, in the Moscow region are looking for a maid for a salary of 200 thousand rubles in his hands. In Novosibirsk specialist Senior DevOps Engineer (Space) at a salary of 200 thousand rubles in his hands. In Samara chief designer. He is ready to pay 150-200 thousand rubles.

the same wages employers are willing to pay to the Director of the IT Department in Rostov-on-don, the chief accountant in the energy sector in Moscow. Almost the same, from 140 thousand to 200 thousand – lead developer PHP in Krasnodar; from 150 thousand to 250 thousand – the Manager on sales of furniture and lighting in St. Petersburg.

In Moscow, a worker mistakenly transferred two million

And the biggest salaries this month propose to the Russians, who will take jobs for Head of Machine Learning Team (ML/AI) in Barcelona – from 7 000 to 10 000 USD on his hands; the General Director of Moscow – from 400 to 600 thousand roubles on hands; Lead Frontend developer in the capital – from 270 thousand; specialist Senior Frontend Developer in Saint-Petersburg – from 239 thousand arms; the governess in Miami – from 200 thousand to 250 thousand.

From 150 thousand rubles will be able to earn people who will occupy the vacancy of the General Director of a construction organization in St. Petersburg; senior master in the turbine shop in Irkutsk, shef chef in the Moscow region.