Named regions of Russia, where an increasing number of jobs

Over the past three years in 25 Russian regions increased number of jobs. Thus in sixty – declined. This is evidenced by the materials of RIA Novosti news Agency.

Photo: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti Mishustin: Small and medium business will receive 150 billion roubles to support employment

According to the analysts of rating, the best situation in the labour market – the suburbs and in the capital: from 2017 to 2019, the number of places made up in these regions 200,5 and 89.4 thousand, respectively.

the Third line is the Krasnodar region, where over a three-year period was organized 85,8 thousands of jobs. Next comes the Chelyabinsk oblast, where for 2017-2019 created 56,6 thousand vacancies. A little behind the industrial region of St.-Petersburg with an index of 53.4 thousand places (he closes the top five).

The positive part of the list, among others, were, for example, Tyumen oblast (20,1 thousands of jobs), Yugra (15.5 thousand). But their neighbors in the Federal district left in a minus: on the Yamal Peninsula in three years, the number of jobs decreased by 3.6 thousand, in the Kurgan region – by 40.5 thousand, and in Sverdlovsk – by 60.7.

“the worst things in Bashkortostan, the number of jobs has decreased by 85 thousand”, – experts state.