the body Temperature of 35.5 degrees and is lower at the initial stages of coronavirus infection can be a factor of severe disease. Write about this “Izvestia”, citing a report from the Center for cardiovascular research, Medical school Ikana at mount Sinai in new York.

the researchers studied the statistics of the visits to doctors and came to the conclusion that among patients with this symptom die 44 per cent of cases.

the heat above 40 degrees at the time of development of the disease also may indicate a high risk of adverse outcome in this group die 42 percent. However, it is unclear whether to help the recovery of targeted reducing high fever in critically ill patients.

the Interviewed Russian experts have suggested that low body temperature may be just a symptom of old age. It is known that persons over 65 years of age fall into a special risk group. Another reason could be that they called a weak immune system not producing sufficient mediator of inflammation.