MOSCOW, April 28/ Radio Sputnik. The most fire-hazardous regions of Russia by quantity of burning of dry vegetation this year is still Zabaykalsky Krai – it is already registered more than 5,5 thousands of these fires, writes RIA Novosti, citing data from the Ministry of emergencies.

In the five most fire-dangerous regions of the country, except for the Baikal region, Novosibirsk entered (4,7 thousand burning) Omsk (more than 3 thousand), Amur (2.6 thousand) oblast and Krasnoyarsk Krai – almost 1.9 thousand fires.

followed by Buryatia (1.7 thousand), Primorsky (1.6 thousand), Altai (1.4 thousand), Khabarovsk (more than 1 thousand edges).

the Agency notes that in January 2020, the country has already identified nearly 47 thousand fires of dry vegetation, which exceeds the previous year by nearly 4 thousand.

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