Fashion editors have listed the clothes that is unacceptable to come to work in the summer, despite the heat. Relevant material published Independent.

According to them, even during the strong heat should take into account the dress code when it comes to choice of attire for the office.

So, for men it is unacceptable to appear in the workplace in shorts and t-shirts with short sleeves, while women wear a slip-dress and crop tops. The journalists stress that such a way is suitable for “party in Ibiza, but not for office air conditioning”.

experts advise men to abandon white skinny jeans.

Another “taboo” in working dress code are the shales, as this is purely beach shoes. While it is acceptable for women to come into the office in sandals or sandals.

in addition, it is recommended to avoid a top with too large cut in the chest and back. “If you come to the office in a t-shirt with open back, this tells me two things. First, that you like one of your colleagues. Second, you don’t wear a bra,” — noted in the material.

In June 2019, the editors of the Independent have identified the perfect outfit for work in the heat. So, women are advised to add to your wardrobe top Bardot (top with dropped sleeves, off shoulders — approx. “Of the”) and a shorter skirt or dress. In addition, journalists are advised to give preference to clothes made of light materials such as linen and muslin.