Nettle can help to cope with depression, fatigue and lowered immunity, said the doctor of medical Sciences, Director of the Samara scientific research Institute of nutrition and diet therapy Michael Ginzburg in an interview with radio Sputnik.

According to him, nettle contains many bioactive substances, including flavonoids, vitamins B9 and C. the Expert noted that this plant is useful for metabolism. “Nettles may be a factor stimulating the immune system and cell regeneration,” added Ginsburg.

According to the expert, from-for deficiency of vitamin B9 can a person begin to suffer from anemia, heart disease and depression.

Ginsburg said that to use nettles in food can almost all. “Maybe you should be more careful in diseases of the stomach, like gastritis or peptic ulcer disease,” — said the expert.

In December 2019, scientists Mediterranean neurological Institute in Italy called favor of the frequent use of chili pepper that helps prolong life and reduce overall risk of premature death by 23 percent. The study involved 22 811 people, with the condition which researchers followed for eight years. Experts noted that those who regularly ate red pepper, 40% less likely to have died of a heart attack.

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