Named a way to avoid the second wave of coronavirus

To avoid the second wave of the pandemic coronavirus will help conduct tests for the presence of antibodies to COVID-19 and identifying the infection at an early stage, said the scientist-physician, Professor of the University of Genoa Roberto Gasparini.

“the Use of serological tests (to detect antibodies – approx. OPINION) will vary depending on the phase of the pandemic. Currently, the pandemic moves to the transition phase. At this stage, serological tests can be very useful. When we finally reach the phase of lesser risk, they can be used to quickly identify new cases that can trigger a new wave of the epidemic”, – said the scientist RIA “Novosti”.

Earlier the US said that the second wave of coronavirus, which come to the country next winter may be worse than the current one.

The who noted that the situation with coronavirus in Russia could be worse if the Russians cease to comply with the measures of protection against coronavirus, it concerns the possibility of further outbreaks of the disease.