now, He knows he can, however, engage in Sardinia, Radja Nainggolan (31). However, you will feel the sides a couple of years ago, he was a social animal: “I’d rather be in a group, and that group is wrong and you still do.” Furthermore, he talked Nainggolan openly about the Red Devils, Roberto Martinez, and that he might never be back to Belgium to return to football.

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in Italy, talks are still getting the most as a result of the corona virus, from all the countries of Europe, and if Nainggolan is also forced into a strict lockdown. He was answered by a video of a few of the questions from Kat Kerkhofs, for FOUR.

“The days go slow, move forward, yes. Mentally, it can sometimes be difficult to be required to stay inside the house. But now and again the rules, that should do,” said Nainggolan. “I just look forward to new lease of life to them as well.”

On the question of what the Red Devil, he is in solitary confinement would be like to sit down, and had to Nainggolan does not have much time to think: “I choose to be of a type such as Marouane Fellaini. With him, you may well have a good time. You’ll hear all too often the crazy things that come out. Now, it is not because he himself was infected, but I would be well able to deal with it.”

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Radja Nainggolan could get along very well with Marouane Fellaini Photo: REUTERS < / P> does Not jump back to Belgium,

Nainggolan gave it up last year, and that he is no longer on the national team, wants to get out of. In the interview, he came over to take a look at his troubled relationship with Roberto Martinez. “That I didn’t get to go to the world cup, because I don’t have the role, was that at that time I was in Roma, had it? I think that ” spittle pakskes ’, but to appreciate Who he was to say. I could not understand it.”

apart from that the shut down is, however, still has fond memories of his time with the Red Devils. “It’s nice to have games to play with Dries Mertens, Jan Vertonghen and Mousa Dembélé. In those games, you might see another side of people to show up. If Jan can’t bear the loss, for example”, jokes Nainggolan.

finally, it was asked whether a return to Belgium, was: “It was never in my mind to come back to Belgium to go and play football, because I was so quickly written off. I’d rather stay in Italy, I’m 15 years old and I don’t know if it was going to be easy to get back to it.”
Il a Ninja is having a good time in Italy, Photo: Photo in the News