now, Radja Nainggolan and his team-mates at Cagliari, have reached an agreement on the order of a month’s salary is to be delivered. The need for the club to help save the income to have ground to a halt due to the coronacrisis.

club president Tommaso Giulini has responded to the local tv station Videolina satisfied with the gesture from the players and the coaching staff.

“the whole of The crew, and the staff proves itself to be responsible for one month’s salary on them. This will help us to do a lot of loss to deal with that. In doing so, we do not take into account the tv rights. Since we’re still at it because we have hope that the season can be completed is to be.”

According to Giulini, a Milan-based entrepreneur who has been the heart of Cagliari, in 2014, in your browser, it would be the removal of the last portion of tv rights, “catastrophe” as they are. The current loss estimates that he is 4 million, respectively.

in Serie A is on 9 march in silence. There are still twelve days to be completed. At the beginning of march, it was in the heart of Cagliari, with the number twelve in the rankings, as Walter Zenga has been appointed as the new coach, to replace Rolando Maran.

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