Nabiullina said the reasons for the denial of a credit vacation

“We see that now the dynamics with the approval of the applications is positive. A significant cause of failure stems from the fact that not met the criteria for restructuring, which is implemented, for example, by virtue of the law, where banks are required to restructure the loan if the person meets certain criteria. And a lot of failures due to the fact that the amount of the loan more than a set of normative documents”, – said the head of the Central Bank. In addition, banks in General are faced with a very large one-time influx of applications for restructuring, which reduces the speed of approval.

“We see now that banks are more actively began to unfold. Of course, for citizens and for small business it’s crucial this restructuring, understanding that will not be charged fines. Banks are trying their policies in this regard to reconfigure, realizing that in many ways it will allow us to maintain the creditworthiness of their prospective borrowers,” said Elvira.

Borrowers whose situation deteriorated due to coronavirus and related limitations, may request the banks “vacation credit” from 3 APR. Holidays give the opportunity until 30 September to apply for a deferred payment for a maximum of six months if the borrower’s income fell by more than 30% compared to the average monthly income in 2019.

the Maximum size of a mortgage loan, which the borrower may apply for a deferral for more than 4.5 million rubles for the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the regions of the Far East – up to 3 million rubles. Limit break on car loans – 600 thousand rubles, individual entrepreneurs consumer credits to 300 thousand rubles, on consumer credits for individuals – 250 thousand rubles or by credit cards – 100 thousand rubles.