Nabiullina called the unprecedented scale of restructuring of loans in Russia

a Week ago, the Central Bank allowed banks to 30 September not create an additional capital buffer in granting a delay or reduction in payments on loans to natural persons who are faced with reduced income or a loss, even if they don’t meet the criteria of the law on credit vacation. Immediately after the introduction of quarantine measures, the Bank of Russia recommended that banks agree to debt restructuring, if the client encountered difficulties in maintenance due to the reduction or loss of income.

On April 15 at 16 554 banks received thousands of requests for restructuring, this week – another 230 thousand applications. “I would like to emphasize that the scale of restructuring is really unprecedented. Less than a month of action programs applications for rescheduling received more than in the whole last year”, – said Nabiullina.

this includes the application for the postponement of the law on credit holidays and applications are not covered by this law (e.g., in case of excess of limits on size of loan, established by the government). In the latter case the restructuring is carried out on conditions of the Bank.

to take advantage of the law on credit holidays, giving the right to delay payments for six months, you must confirm the decrease in income 30% of average monthly income in 2019. While initially the loan shall not exceed 2 million roubles on the mortgage (4.5 million rubles for Moscow, 3 million rubles for the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the regions of the Far East), 600 thousand rubles on loans, 250 thousand of consumer credits of physical persons, 300 thousand of consumer credits to individual entrepreneurs 100 thousand on credit cards.