Konstantin Goloshchapov escaped across the border from Russia to Belarus in his son Dmitry’s car in June. Earlier, the man they dubbed “Putin’s masseur” had reportedly received a tip that his business would be under scrutiny over allegations of embezzlement. Four days after the escape, his son was dead and an investigation into his holdings, including shares in St. Petersburg water and electricity companies Vodokanal and Lenergo, was launched.

Russian media are only now reporting on the case, as the British Daily Mail writes. They released a photo purporting to show the 67-year-old oligarch driving across the border into Belarus while making “a rude gesture” at the camera.

Explosive about the case: Konstantin Goloshchapov is considered a close confidante of Kremlin chief Putin and is said to know many of his secrets. Like Putin, he was active in martial arts. It is said that a “strong male friendship” developed on the judo mat.

He is also said to have successfully treated Putin with a special massage after an acute back injury. Goloshchapov is said to have flown around 338 times between St. Petersburg and Moscow between 1998 and 2005. It is said that he massaged the back of Putin and other high-ranking officials. Business in the Kremlin area is said to have made him rich.

Now Konstantin Goloshchapov is gone. Where he is currently is unknown. The Putin confidante has both a Greek and a Croatian passport. Nothing is known about the cause of his son Dmitry’s death. Last week, St Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov, a close Putin ally, reportedly laid flowers at Dmitry’s grave.

At least 53 people are said to have been injured in an explosion in the pedestrian zone in Istanbul. President Erdogan spoke of six dead and a “sneaky attack”. The cause of the explosion is still unclear.

At the G20 summit, Russia is under close scrutiny because of the war in Ukraine. As a representative of Kremlin boss Putin, Foreign Minister Lavrov caused a stir in advance because of a report about a hospital stay. The Foreign Minister finally denied the rumors – and made a curious mistake.

The prostitutes in Germany are the victims of traffickers, pimps and well-meaning politicians. They wanted to improve the fate of women and made it hell.