went Only to the slopes, then Après-Ski: Many of the pictures in the social networks testify to this, as the skiing fun in Ischgl until the middle of March. It is now clear that had infected at this time a lot of people with the Coronavirus.

again and again the Tyrolean authorities have stressed that in the case of the German barman in the “Kitzloch”, the first confirmed Coronavirus case. The bartender was on 7. March positive for the Virus have been tested.

On Thursday, the “Austrian Agency for food safety (AGES) said” according to media reports, however, that a first Corona is the case, in Ischgl on 5. February had occurred. It was a Swiss tourist who was tested weeks later, a positive impact on Covid-19. Therefore, it was not a question of the bartender, even the so-called “Spreader”. He had mistakenly get the part of the alleged re-distributor “reassigned”, – said the head of the human medicine at the “AGES”, Franz Allerberger.

Land of the Tyrol is contrary to the theory of patient Zero

the Land of The Tyrol contradicted this information, then in the afternoon. In a press release stated: “The country has no information.” It had been regarding the patient Zero of false information. It had mistakenly been of a Swiss spoken on 5. February first showed symptoms, but only at the 9. February was tested. “The Land of the Tyrol calls on the Agency AGES, as well as the Ministry of health, in all clarity, the presentations at today’s press conference to Ischgl immediately investigate.”

the Land of The Tyrol remains the case that The first positive case in Ischgl is the bartender of the “Kitzloch”, the testing on the 7. March was present. The Swiss was also there as a bartender and had indicated, at the 5. To have March first symptoms. Your positive test result have on 9. March pre-set.

The Prosecutor’s office determined, meanwhile, to the suspicion that the positive Coronavirus Test an employee from a Ischgl Catering business at the end of February was not reported to the authorities.

mayor: “I think the blanket criticism as disproportionate,”

Monika Wechselberger holds the criticism of the Tyrolean crisis management for plated. She is the mayor of Mayrhofen in the Tyrolean Zillertal, one of the most visited tourist places of Austria. Tirol am currently placed in a false light. “I think the blanket criticism as disproportionate,” she said in an Interview with the “süddeutsche Zeitung”.

The pandemic had originated from China, came later to Italy, France, Germany and Austria. the “a Lot of tourists from various countries have carried the disease further. Tirol as a Outbreak, you know, I feel, therefore, as an impertinence.“ In Tirol, in the winter season, a lot of people in close proximity. Since it had such a disease, of course, easier to spread. Wechselberger said: “To bale the other seasons, the people in other places.” To the criticism that the authorities have a lot to respond too late, not the mayor. Jakob Gruber/APA/dpa to The regions of the Paznaun valley, the tourist resort of Ischgl is due to an increase in the number of Coronavirus cases under quarantine

A holidaymaker, from 6. to 8. March on the spot, and the Virus-infected, reported by FOCUS Online, the tourists were warned in any Form. “The place was full of boisterous people, and all celebrated.” No one had sheared at the Après-Ski to the topic of Corona. They traveled to infected and back to Munich.

The Ischgl-Hotspots in Germany

research by the “Bayerischer Rundfunk” to show in Detail how the Virus could spread from Ischgl in the whole of Europe. The Reporter evaluated 4000 Instagram Posts. Since many users have linked their photos with location data, were able to show the Reporter that more than 1000 users published to your Ischgl travel from other places in Europe, pictures. Consequently, many of Ischgl were Instagramer after their stay in Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany.

in Order to make the Hotspots of Ischgl-Infected in Germany find, evaluated the “Bayerische Rundfunk” in addition, press releases. Consequently, a minimum of 341 German out of 101 counties and independent cities in Ischgl were infected. Many of them were still under the 5. March to Ischl broken. On this day, Iceland had declared the Land of the Tyrol to the risk area.

The research, according to were tested in Hamburg at least 19 tourists after their return from Ischgl positive for the Virus, in Borken, in North Rhine-Westphalia 21 . Back to Leipzig traveled 16 Infected, in the bird mountain circle 14. Also in many places in Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg and the South of Bavaria, people came back infected.

analysis of the Measurement and consulting company “Umlaut” on the basis of mobile usage data, showed the large cities of Hamburg and Munich, but also of the Region of Stuttgart as Hotspots .

More than 2700 complaints of Corona-crisis management in Tirol

An Austrian consumer advocates has in the meantime indicated the Land of the Tyrol because of the management of the Corona-crisis. More and more people log in with letters for him. As Peter Kolba announced on Wednesday the German press Agency, before him, in the meantime, more than 2,700 completed questionnaires. Around 84 percent of them were from Germany sent to you. The large majority of the survey participants were people who have tested positive for the Coronavirus. Since Friday, the number of letters is increased to 2300.

Kolba had displayed last week, the Tyrol, the country’s chief Günther Platter, each land, the mayor and the cable car companies. The Prosecutor’s office announced that it would initiate on the basis of the media, no investigation reports. Therefore, Kolba collects witnesses and the testimonies, “which reinforce the suspicion that, for commercial reasons, the closure of the Ski areas was delayed.

All further information on the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

“I thought to myself that it’s not too bad, could”

involved in It could also be Tom Tenkor (Name of ed. changed), who travelled in the middle of March to the Tyrol. He told FOCUS Online that he had even called prior to a departure of the ski area. “To me, it was confirmed that the skiing in any case, until Sunday (15. March, comment of Red.) to maintain dignity. So I thought to myself that it couldn’t be too bad.“ Today, he says, one would have also can highly recommend to stay at home. “I would have to be from the beginning, more consistent, and the trip should not only compete at all,” he says today, self-critically.

editor’s note. d. Red.: The opinion of the state of Tyrol with regard to the alleged patient Zero was subsequently supplemented in the Text. “Non-resilient”: epidemiologist criticises Merkel in the ARD for the doubling strategy, FOCUS Online/Wochit “Non-resilient”: epidemiologist criticises Merkel in the ARD for the doubling strategy