On 31. January have been confirmed in the UK for the first time, two cases of the novel Coronavirus. However, there are doubts as to whether these are really the first cases in the country. According to reports, it could have already been the middle of January, the first Infected.

An IT consultant from the Region of Sussex, was of 15. to 19. January with three friends from Denmark and Minnesota in Ischgl for skiing. All observed after their return to classic Coronavirus symptoms. Also the wife and children of the 50-year-old Daren Glare patients. The Virus is, so it reports the “Telegraph” have rapidly spread in the area – many children did not go due to illness to school.

The “Daily Mail” ran the headline on Thursday online: “IT staff are from Sussex, caught in the Party-Bar in the ‘Ibiza of the Alps’ is the Coronavirus.”

“Patient Zero” visited the Après-Ski Bar in Ischgl

England’s potential “Patient Zero” reported to the “Telegraph” that he had visited the Après-Ski Bar Kitzloch. “The Bar was full with people dancing on the tables and sang. The people were sweaty from skiing. There is no better home for a Virus,“ said the 50-Year-old.

for Many days he was ill. He had to get Up or to skillfully Work. “It knocked me for six days.” He had also breathing problems.

Also his wife, Sarah, reported, of fever, hot flushes, and fatigue, which had almost stopped for three weeks. The younger daughter had a fever and persistent had the ends of a cough, had not been two weeks in the school.

The family believes it is important to be tested. So Sarah says Glare: “We could help the authorities to understand the distribution in the United Kingdom better.” It would also help the family to get out, to help other Patients with errands.

when exactly the Virus to great Britain reached?

virologists in the UK are still unsure when exactly the Coronavirus has reached the country. Model calculations of the University of Oxford suggest that this could already be the middle of January have been the case. Consequently, millions of Britons may have unknowingly infected. Other scientists have criticized these calculations as too hasty.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been criticised because of its long hesitant handling of the crisis violently. Since Monday, the British schools are closed. Restaurants, cafes, Bars, Clubs, theatres and leisure facilities are open to the public since Friday evening. On Wednesday, the British Parliament approved an emergency law to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Confirmed Corona cases from Ischgl accumulated in March,

you Should confirm the case of the family from Sussex, this would be evidence that the Virus is widespread in Europe earlier than previously thought. In March, the Corona became more frequent-cases from the Austrian ski resort of Ischgl. A report of the ZDF, according to become known in a company in Ischl, by the end of February, a positive Covid-19-case. This was, however, not been reported to the health authorities. Meanwhile, the Land of the Tyrol has enabled the Prosecutor’s office.

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The Land of the Tyrol is accused of the skiing not fast enough stopped. As at 13. March was imposed on Ischgl and other locations with a quarantine, moreover, it came to chaotic conditions in the case of the hasty departure of many international guests. Also, it rained criticism. Only on 15. In March the ski season, then found their premature end.

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