The head of Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG Andreas Schafhirt has apparently been missing for weeks and has already been reported missing by his wife. The case is mysterious.

While the spokesman for Leipzig Airport, Uwe Schuhart, keeps a low profile and only speaks of Andreas Schafhirt’s absence “due to illness”, an internal letter presents a different perspective. “Bild” reports on this.

“Yesterday we learned from the police that Ms. Schafhirt had reported her husband missing,” writes airport boss Götz Ahmelmann. “The criminal police then started an investigation, which we as employers support.”

Apparently Schafhirt was reported missing in Berlin in April. When asked by “Bild”, Berlin police spokeswoman Beate Ostertag stated that a public search was not yet underway for Schafhert. No further details about the manager’s disappearance are known. “We do not provide any information about internal searches for missing persons,” the police spokeswoman continued.

Schafhirt has only been working at Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG as Chief Restructuring Officers since February 1st of this year. He was supposed to restructure the company that operates airports in Dresden and Leipzig.