My refrigerator Volochkova boasted food

Thinner lately Anastasia Volochkova has decided to show the fans what she eats.

Instagram dancer posted a short video where shows the public the contents of his refrigerator.

“My fridge healthy eating looks like. Take care of your health. Eat easy,” wrote the star on Twitter.

Refrigerator shelves, indeed, crammed with vegetables and greens.

As previously reported, the Anastasia, and now these products, along with boiled eggs are the basis of her diet. Vegetable soups and green salad – that’s the key to the harmony of the dancer.

As reported by “the Rambler”, Volochkova said that the regime of self-isolation did not affect her lifestyle.

The only thing she can’t do at the moment is to go on stage and speak before an audience.

Publish from Anastasia (@volochkova_art) 17 APR 2020 9:01 PDT