In the life of “Mary Poppins” was friends with the rapper.

Actress Natalia Andreichenko in Instagram posted a rare shot with the late rapper Declan, who passed away a year and a half ago. In the picture they are sitting in a restaurant and smile at the unknown photographer. In life, as you know, Decl and wife, were friends and often met.

Publish from Natalya Andreychenko (@natalya_andreychenko) 4 Aug 2020 1:39 PDT

“Accidentally came across this photo on the eye. Thank you to the followers that sent me. My dear Cyril, I really miss you”.

“in memory of Declo. What a pity that such people leave so early”, “Eternal memory to a great man,” “Remember and love Cyril. His songs are always in our hearts” – said in comments.

Recall that the rapper Decl, which was extremely popular at the turn of the century, has died at the age of 35 after a party in Izhevsk. The rapper suddenly became ill. The arrived doctors have found nothing to help him. At the funeral the son came to his father, producer Alexander Tolmatsky. He rapper was in recent years extremely tense relations.