Museums in Austria will open in may mass events is forbidden

VIENNA, April 17 – RIA Novosti. Museums in Austria will be able to open in mid-may, large mass actions remain under the ban until 31 August, said Friday the Vice-Chancellor of the Republic Werner Kogler.

“From mid-may can open museums and similar institutions,” said Kogler at a press conference.

He recalled that all activities are banned until 30 June, from 1 June there will be breaks, but they are not affected by the mass event. “Unfortunately, until 31 August will still be impossible major events with the participation of a large number of people standing close to each other. This applies, for example, large city festivals, music festivals,” added the Vice Chancellor.

Austria Tuesday, April 14, the beginning steps to abolish the restrictive measures imposed to combat coronavirus. Resumed the operation of small shops with an area of 400 square meters, as well as all building and garden, while “pioneers” are obliged to control the number of visitors and to ensure that those wore masks and kept their distance.

If all goes according to plan, may will open all the other shops, shopping centres and hairdressers. Work hotels and restaurants in the Republic may resume until mid-may. Limitations on leave the house continue until may 1.

After the announcement of the timing of the return to normal life, the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz warned that, if necessary, in the case of the deterioration of the situation, the government can “break stop-the crane”.