All have one or another connection to Jahn Teigen, says Steinar Modalen about the collection related to the artist who died on 24. February.

On the property in the School just over a mile from Arendal, he has arranged a Jahn-museum. There are tapes, discs, and old posters, as well as the jackets used on the show to underholdningsgruppa “Prima Vera”, which Teigen was in.

Modalens own favorite is, however, a little jakkemerke he bought a long time ago. It is used in many concerts.

The few times it has popped up again in the belongings, I have been so happy, ” he says.

He has previously told about the museum to the Agderposten, who first wrote about the case.

Modalen started collecting when he was in his teens.

Photo: Kristin Olsen / NRK Became friends

Modalen tells him that he as a teenager was imprisoned by Teigens music.

Then it came on a market in the South of norway in 2004, they came in the chat.

It was the beginning of a long friendship.

– When Jahn moved to Ystad in Sweden, I was probably the first that stayed there. I had to blow up a luftmadrass to lie on, since Jahn had not yet got hold of a guest bed.

Modalen by Jahn Teigens autograph on the front door to the museum.

Photo: Kristin Olsen / NRK Teigen clip cord

Modalens original plan was that the main character himself should open the museum. Teigens health put a stop to it.

When it was a backup solution.

During a visit in Sweden last summer, the clip Teigen halfway across a ribbon in the Norwegian colors.

– Some other must be complete when we shall have an official opening, ” says Modalen.

last summer the clip Jahn Teigen halfway across the clothesline that was supposed to mark the opening of the “Teigen Museum”.

Photo: Kristin Olsen / NRK – Was easy to like,

Modalen think Teigens popularity first and foremost due to his music, but the humour was also of importance.

He tells of a time Teigen sat and ate in Ystad, and it came a older lady up to him. When she asked if he would be willing to sing at her funeral, he replied: – Yes, do you have any date?

Moland laughs at the thought.

He was so quick in the phrase, and was a generous type who was easy to like.

Jahn Teigen participated in 14 finals in the Eurovision song Contest, and represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest three times.

Used jakkemerket in funeral services

The 11. march took Modalen goodbye with the idol and his friend. He sat in the third row during funeral services in saint paul church.

I had on me jakkemerket from the museum and noticed that his daughter Sara had on a similar. When she sang “Adieu”, I had to wipe some tears, ” he says.

Although Modalen has rigged up an exhibition in School, it seems he really is too bad that the collection should be right there.

– I have a dream that a hotel owner to create a combined Teigen hotel and museum, where the collection can be used to decorate. When can people from all over the country come and see.

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Modalen says that those who come to visit fort find things they recognize in the museum.

Photo: Kristin Olsen / NRK