Muscovites will determine the best objects restored under the program of preferential rent “1 ruble per 1 square meter”. The choice they can make in the framework.

the Participants will have to answer two questions. In the first, they are encouraged to Express to the program with the help of such answers are: “Positively, the programme is beneficial to the city and attractive for investors”, “the Program is useful but not a priority” or “This program is not necessary.”

Select refurbished in the framework of the program, participants will be able, by answering the second question. It will be possible to specify only one option. This unit includes the following buildings:

— the urban estate of merchant M. N. Gusev (Bolshaya Polyanka, building 65/74, structure 3);

— office building of the estate of T. F. Abinskogo (street Pokrovka, the house 14/2, stroenie 3);

the stables of the estate Tatarnikova (Big Wood lane, 13/7, structure 3);

— the main house city estate Matveev (Volkhovsky pereulok, 21/5, structure 1);

— house city mansion of the XIX century (Goncharnaya street, the house 9/3, building 2);

— wooden mansion of a nobleman, E. A. von Behrens (Gusyatnikov pereulok, 7, building 1);

— cast iron pavilion tram of the early twentieth century (Krasnostudenchesky travel, ownership 17);

— house N.P. Nos (street Nikoloyamskaya, house 52, structure 1);

— the garden pavilion of the manor Lopatina (lane Sivtsev Vrazhek, house 42, building 5);

— the main house P. A. Sytin (Sytinskiy lane, building 5/10, building 5);

urban estate VF Kolesnikova — Sarging — M. E. Sabatini (Tagansky square, 88, structure 1);

— Moscow landmark office (Khokhlovsky pereulok, Dom 10, building 1);

— a complex of apartment houses early XX century (Nastasyinskiy pereulok, 8, building 1).

the Program of concessional leases in force in the capital in 2012. Thanks to her, entrepreneurs can rent for 49 years the historic building at a price of one ruble per one square meter. Before that, the Moscow Department for competition policy conducts the auction, the winner receives the right to lease the building at market average. The investor is given no more than five years to put in order the monument and return it to its historical appearance.

If the Commission of the Moscow cultural heritage Department will issue a positive opinion on the restoration, for the entrepreneur starting to act the preferential conditions under which rents will be a symbolic price: rubles per square meter.

In a restored building can be shops, cafes, medical and educational centers. Thus the city not only creates favorable conditions for doing business, but returns to life in old mansions.
For the duration of this program in the capital were saved, among which is the house with the caryatids on Pechatnikov pereulok and the urban estate of Hladovych on the Small Clearing.

on average, the restoration of cultural heritage takes three years for completion of the work, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to rent the building at a reduced rate.

Three million people, 140 million views: six years the project “Active citizen”

the Project “Active citizen” was launched in 2014. During this time he was joined by more than three million people. Participants select streets and households that need to improve, vote for events for festivals and celebrations and offer their own ideas for the development of the city. Since the launch of the project Muscovites took part in 4.6 thousand votes.