Orange level of danger is announced in Moscow on 6 and 7 July due to the heat wave, according to the hydrometeorological center of Russia. This means that there is a probability of natural disasters and damage.

Warning is valid until 16:00 on Monday and from 11:00 to 16:00 Tuesday.

Earlier it was reported that the air temperature on Tuesday, July 7, will rise up to 31-33 degrees in Moscow and up to 34 by region. According to forecasters, the night rain will not be a day in Moscow, some places may take intermittent rain with thunderstorm. In the West region will host the hailstorm. The wind will blow with a speed of 5-10 meters per second when the storm will have gusts up to 12-17 meters per second. A West wind will increase to 17-22 meters per second.

Hot weather will continue into Wednesday. Moscow is expected to 26-28 degrees on the field – up to 24-29 degrees. However, on Thursday, residents of the capital region will feel the approach of a cold front. A weekend in the city return to heat.

Previously the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological Roman Vilfand said that in the capital because of the hot weather will increase the UV index.

In this regard, the meteorologist urged not to go out in the sun in the daytime and also to wear a hat that covers the skin clothing and sunglasses.