Muscovites reminded of the need for timely treatment for medical help

In connection with the spread of coronavirus infection should be promptly seek medical care if you have symptoms of SARS. Two-thirds of deaths from the coronavirus patients are not addressed at an early stage for medical care and was not called on the house of the doctor from the clinic, reported in the operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in Moscow.

At an early stage of coronavirus infection really can be confused with colds or seasonal allergies. Even seemingly minor symptoms — cough, runny nose, fever and others can be evidence of the beginning of coronavirus.

Deterioration to severe in most cases occurs abruptly at the fifth — eighth day after infection, and requires immediate hospitalization.

If any symptoms of SARS should stay home and call a doctor.

non-business days in Moscow extended until April 30, so most residents could remain at home and less time in contact with other people. The city closed entertainment venues, beauty salons, cafes and restaurants. Work as usual only to grocery stores, pharmacies, pet shops, services, delivery outlets and stores, shops where you can buy necessities. For the movement of transport in the capital introduced throughput mode.

to Learn more about the prevention of coronavirus and methods of combating the disease is possible by phone of hot line:(daily from 08:00 to 21:00), as well as in special projects