Far from harmless sexual experimentation began to organize the Muscovites, tired of the isolation. Three times over the past day, doctors had to provide assistance to citizens to overdo during lovemaking.

As it became known “MK”. 1 may 24 summer inhabitant of the area East Izmailovo and his buddy decided to try out a recently acquired novelty of sex-shop. But apparently young people do not know the rules of using a sex toy and in the end were not able to extract it from the private parts of the girl. Tough some time, had to call an ambulance In the walls of the hospital the patient was provided with the necessary assistance and, with a parting admonition to be careful, she was released home. The next day her sad experience repeated 40-the summer inhabitant of Zelenograd. Fortunately in this case all ended well.

you can not say about the 20-year-old student from a Northern village. As it turned out, the guy has absolutely no time for personal life — the day he goes to College in the evenings and weekends moonlighting at a fast-food restaurant. So I decided to cope with loneliness on their own. The boys eyes fell on the MOP, but rather on detachable plastic nozzle from the handle. The young man unscrewed it and, without thinking, stuck in the anus. To get the detail rosinstrument alone he could not, no matter how trying. The young experimenter remained nothing how to call an ambulance. In the hospital part of a MOP was able to extract from the depths of the body and returned it to the owner. The young man refused hospitalization and was allowed to go home.