Muscovites every day bought more than a million deliveries

every day about 60 thousand couriers delivering Muscovites about a million orders. About it reported on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow” head of the Department of trade and services of Moscow Alexey ameryk.

According to him, the Muscovites actively make orders in online shops, online trading, today replaced offline. Average receipt of this order today is at the level of 4.5 thousand rubles. “In Moscow now works about 60 thousand couriers, who daily deliver more than one million orders per day, including delivery of non-food items,” said Mr nemeryuk.

He added that the city continue to work about 4.5 thousand public catering enterprises. “To date, Moscow has almost 18 thousand trade enterprises, of which nearly 4.5 thousand enterprises of public catering, who are doctors, work in hospitals and canteens, as well as for the delivery,” said Ameryk.