Moscow metro completes one of the final stages of developing their own chat bot. To take part in testing the capabilities of a virtual assistant invite the passengers of the Moscow subway. The participants in the focus group will have to ask the chat bot as many questions as possible about the work of the Moscow metro. This will allow the developers to modify the program.

All test participants will receive a special themed card, and the 10 most active participants — map “three” with a balance of three thousand rubles. The project will involve thousands of people.

Become a member of the focus group can be anyone. For this it is necessary today to apply for the e-mail address: In response to the letter, the user will receive confirmation of registration and instructions. In addition to the address of the site where it will undergo testing, they will include a few key issues that will need to communicate with the chat bot.

Testing focus group will allow the developers to adjust the script, and the chat bot to find answers to additional questions and to better understand the needs of users.

“Chat-bot, the Moscow metro will be one of the most modern information technology and client services. He can not only answer a wide range of issues on metro, ICC and IDC, but also to help find lost things, to make a request for the mobility of passengers and even joke. The test interaction will teach the chat-bot to perceive different written questions, better to understand speech of the interlocutor, and also to eliminate incorrect wording or other possible deficiencies,” said the press service of the Moscow metro.

A virtual assistant will be available on the website in the mobile application “Metro of Moscow”, in the popular messengers, and in one of the social networks of the Moscow subway.

How it will look like a chat-bot, is still unknown. Vote for the best image and the name of the virtual assistant is now undergoing in the project “Active citizen”.