In the course of communication of deputies with the Minister, the Chairman of the state Duma raised the issue of absolute illegality of the attempts of some officials to “calculate” the real time of the doctor with coronavirus patients to pay them only for these hours. According to him, it is unfair.

the Minister agreed and promised on behalf of the Ministry of health to provide explanations to the medical institutions.

– in Any case not supposed to be there the minute a payment,- he stressed. – There is a shift when the person works in the red zone the whole shift needs to be paid.

So, if the medic is working on “fast” with this group of patients, “goes on temperaturewhich of patients”, he should get paid for the entire shift, cited the example of ant.

Vyacheslav Volodin also said that the head of state, speaking about the additional measures to support health workers, working with the coronavirus, “is not held between them – all are equally risking their health and life, by helping patients”.

– observe the same approach to their remuneration, – the speaker called.